SKD Belt Claw IWB-1 Holster

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SKD Belt Claw IWB-1 Holster

by Joe
SKD Belt Claw Holster IWB-1 - This holster was specifically designed for everyday carry, and carries the pistol at a slight forward cant and higher on the belt than most IWB holsters to aid in concealment. I use this on a daily basis, and the ease with which it mounts on and off make it as convenient as a paddle holster, without the unnecessary bulk. I've never had this holster come off of my 1.5" belt in hundreds of draws in training and dry-fire. It is perfectly suited for small of back carry as well as appendix carry. View More SKD Staff Picks

Featuring a curved "Belt Claw" that was designed by SKD, these hand-made Kydex holsters from Ready Tactical allow for paddle-like convenience with belt loop stability and comfort. Easy-on and off while remaining rock-solid during the draw, the Belt Claw also features a sweat guard that helps to guide the pistol back when reholstering. Retention can be adjusted via 2 adjustment screws that allow the professional user to find that perfect sweet spot between access and security. Perfect for Strong-side or Appendix Carry.

*J-Frame .38 Belt Claw will fit J-Frame 5 shot revolvers chambered for .38 Special, such as the 442, 637 & 642. They will not fit J-Frame 5 shot revolvers chambered for .357 Magnum, such as the 340.


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    Posted by John W. on 13th May 2012

    This holster is fantastic. I have the G19, 1.5" version. Its super comfortable and really low profile. I haven't had to adjust my pant size or anything. Retention is good, with a very positive "click" sound, yet the draw is so easy. Retention can easily be adjusted too, with 2 phillips screws. The 1.5" has the belt claw as mentioned (idk if the 1.75" does since another review said it didn't). The claw is easy to pull back and clip on and off but retains its shape. There is also a generous sight channel for higher aftermarket sights. I've worn this everyday for two weeks and am comparing it to several various holsters, including an IWB leather and kydex pancake-style. Easily my favorite for IWB. The only thing I could want more out of this holster is a light-bearing version. My only desire

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    Simply Perfect

    Posted by Jon on 21st Feb 2012

    Ive had this holster for almost 2 years and have enjoyed every min with it. I just recently bought on for my brother even. It has the convieniance of a paddle holster but IWB. Im a really small guy and I can conceal my G19 in a t-shirt without any effort. If your serious about CC then this is the holster for you.

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    Good value

    Posted by Alexander on 28th Oct 2011

    This is one of the better kydex holsters in this price range. I have the M&Pc version. Pros: Good retention, well formed to the weapon. Clip is solid and does not shift around and has a good neutral cant for appendix position. Moderate high ride and slim sweat guard allow for full grip on the draw. Narrow enough to be comfortable while driving. Cons: Clip requires some fitting, at least on the 1.75" version. Does not come with a notch as pictured.

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    SKD Belt Claw IWB-1 Holster

    Posted by Tom on 30th Jun 2011

    I bought this holster for my Glock 19. I had previously used Blackhawk! Serpa holsters, and wanted to try an IWB-type holster. The IWB-1 fit perfectly and has replaced my Serpa as the holster I use for my Glock. It's relatively comfortable in a variety of carry positions - including behind my hip and appendix carry, stays put and is very fast drawing while still holding on when it needs to. The extra-thick kydex is nice, too - the holster is really solid and re-holstering is easy to accomplish one-handed and without having to look down. That its constructed from a single piece of kydex cuts down on its bulk, so even though its a pretty hefty holster, it doesn't feel like it. It is a simple, elegantly designed holster that works. Considering all of these features, the IWB-1 is a bargain at under $60.

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    Required some modification

    Posted by Ben on 3rd Apr 2011

    I just recently received my CCW license so I can't speak from a great deal of experience unfortunately. I'm currently carrying a .38 J-frame. The first holster I bought was the Uncle Mikes IWB. The problem with the UM was retention. I felt like my pistol was going to fall out of my waist every time I bent over. The plus side to the UM was it's comfortability. I picked up the belt claw because this site is usually worth the extra $$. When I received the holster, the first thing I noticed was that the "claw" portion was ENORMOUS. The claw printed on even the largest of shirts that I own. I looked to see if there was a remedy and discovered that Kydex can be reformed with a heat gun. So I set out to lower the profile of the claw. After an hour of tinkering, I finally got the claw where I wanted it. Now I feel much more comfortable carrying my pistol around town. The retention is fantastic. 5 stars post modification.

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    Great holster, with one exception...

    Posted by St.J on 25th Mar 2011

    Let me start by saying that I have this type of holster for the 3 handguns I have owned. On 1911, very comfortable, except the cant was a little steep for my liking. Pefectly usable though. On the Glock 19, absolutely perfect. No complaints at all. On my M&P9c...this is where I had problems. The M&P I own has the ambidextrious thumb safety. The holster is not cut for this, and results in disengaging the safety upon holstering. The upside is that the near-verticle cant is exactly what I am looking for. All in all, its nothing that a little bit of Dremel love couldnt handle, and I would recommend this holster to anyone with that one caviat. Keep up the good work SKD!

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    Excellent IWB Holster

    Posted by Jason on 9th Mar 2011

    I bought this for my Glock 26 and am impressed. This is the first kydex IWB holster that is comfortable and that I have almost forgotten I was wearing. There is minimal holster material. It's as close to Mexican carry as you can get and still be completely safe. Get it. You won't be let down.

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    Awesome Holster

    Posted by Unknown on 20th Sep 2010

    I've been carrying a 5 ich 1911 in one of these for concealment and in competitions. Even with a large frame pistol this is a very comfortable to wear holster. The pistol stays put until you pull it out. Smooth and easy to draw. The Claw holds a belt very tightly with absolutely no slipping or shifting.

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    Great CC holster

    Posted by Anthony on 20th Sep 2010

    Decided to give this a shot based on the reviews for my M&Pc. It's a great holster, very comfortable for my stocky 5'6" build. I wish I pulled the trigger on this sooner. It's not as wide as my last holster which was uncomfortable in a seated position. The claw feature is nice and keeps everything secure. I highly recommend it!