SKD Belt Claw IWB-1 Holster

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SKD Belt Claw IWB-1 Holster

by Joe
SKD Belt Claw Holster IWB-1 - This holster was specifically designed for everyday carry, and carries the pistol at a slight forward cant and higher on the belt than most IWB holsters to aid in concealment. I use this on a daily basis, and the ease with which it mounts on and off make it as convenient as a paddle holster, without the unnecessary bulk. I've never had this holster come off of my 1.5" belt in hundreds of draws in training and dry-fire. It is perfectly suited for small of back carry as well as appendix carry. View More SKD Staff Picks

Featuring a curved "Belt Claw" that was designed by SKD, these hand-made Kydex holsters from Ready Tactical allow for paddle-like convenience with belt loop stability and comfort. Easy-on and off while remaining rock-solid during the draw, the Belt Claw also features a sweat guard that helps to guide the pistol back when reholstering. Retention can be adjusted via 2 adjustment screws that allow the professional user to find that perfect sweet spot between access and security. Perfect for Strong-side or Appendix Carry.

*J-Frame .38 Belt Claw will fit J-Frame 5 shot revolvers chambered for .38 Special, such as the 442, 637 & 642. They will not fit J-Frame 5 shot revolvers chambered for .357 Magnum, such as the 340.


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    The best!

    Posted by Jon on 3rd Jul 2010

    When i bought this Holster i didnt think it was going to be my favorite!!! I carry my G19 on me day and night and this is by far the best holster i have!...and i have ALOT of holsters!!!!

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    Another great product sold by SKD Tactical!

    Posted by Jeffrey Servando on 24th Dec 2009

    I have two of these holsters, one for a Kimber Pro Carry II and one for a Glock 19. I use these holsters to compete in my local IDPA club matches and I must say that they are comfortable and work very well. The tension is adjustable to suit your needs and the 'claw' offers excellent security on your belt. The notch in the 'claw' straddles the belt loop on my right hip to prevent movement fore & aft while the tabs keeps the holster in place while you are drawing the pistol. I highly recommend these holsters. They are just the ticket for concealed carry or IDPA matches.