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SKD Ben Ghazi T-Shirt

We will not forget Ben Ghazi! With your help, we raised $10,608.95 to "Make America Great Again"

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Would a major terrorist attack on US sovereign soil that resulted in the death of a US Ambassador and 3 other US citizens be considered problematic for a President trying to get re-elected in 56 days? Apparently the President thought so- enough that the CIA talking points regarding the attack were distorted to subvert a debate on the actual facts.

We're not saying the President wanted Americans harmed in any way- let's not be ridiculous. What we are saying is that he and his administration perpetrated a cover-up of election-changing proportions and kept the dialog in the election campaign about his opponent having a car elevator in his garage.

This Ben Ghazi T-Shirt is a subtle "F-U" to all those political leaders who think all Americans are as ignorant as they make us out to be. Wear this shirt with pride and you'll be able to distinguish your fellow informed Patriot from the rest of the sheeple out there by who compliments your shirt, and who asks you if "Ben Ghazi" is a celebrity.

These shirts are athletic cut 4.3 oz 100% Cotton T-shirts.

Made in U.S.A.

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    Head turner

    Posted by Eric Hernandez on 2nd Jun 2014

    This is a head turner, for everyone. People will say ya!!! Let's find out what happened. Others will say...that's not appropriate. I say support it and let's found out why Americans were left for 7 hours without any help. And I mean find the real answers!