SKD Molon Labia Patch

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SKD Molon Labia Patch

It's the ongoing battle of the sexes, where proud men--your brothers--have fallen to the list of casualties. Every day I see mere boys, too young to know the chin itch of a days worth of stubble, being conscripted into the front lines armed only with a dousing of Axe body spray and handwritten list of negs. And what have we gained from these years of hardship, embarrassment and rejection? While the enemy grows smarter and stronger, we stare into the mirror with eyes tired and dark from nights awake in front of glowing computer screens and bottles of Jergens.

Men, I do not say these words with the intention of demoralizing you. This is the truths we face and the world we live in. But under these challenges and through these barriers we have persevered. Our hope may have wavered and our vigilance may have weakened at times, but we are still here and our strengths reside in our brotherhood. So go, my brothers, and continue fighting, because we only lose when we've lost hope. Molon Labia!


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    Posted by Chris K on 10th Jan 2017

    Remember guys, those chickin wings flapping around down there aren't a result of her taking too much D, she was just born that way and you need to chow down regardless. Don't p***y out now.

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    Great quality!!

    Posted by Karl M on 20th Apr 2016

    Good job. Fun patch.