Spiritus Systems 34 Alpha Chest Rig

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Spiritus Systems 34 Alpha Chest Rig

The 34 Alpha Chest Rig is a split chassis that will interface directly with the existing line of Spiritus Systems straps and pouches. 

It is designed to work with our Fat Straps setups. It also requires a Back Strap to work properly. Shoulder and back straps are NOT included and must be purchased separately!

The panels are built with Squadron MOLLE front faces and elastic cells on the back for extra storage. The bottom of each 34 Alpha Panel also has a Velcro slot to mount hanger pouches.

This is a true blank-slate platform that enables load-carriage configuration options for weapon ammo of nearly any caliber, and when combined with our SPUD, GP pouches, the end user’s options are limitless.

The system is constructed to be as low-profile as possible to add minimal bulk to the finished split rig, letting the mounted pouches contribute the bulk of the storage capability.