Spiritus Systems Micro Fight Chassis MK5

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Spiritus Systems Micro Fight Chassis MK5

The Micro Fight Chassis MkV is a small and lightweight chassis that can be used as either a standalone magazine placard on a plate carrier, or the central hub for a chest rig when other Spiritus Systems components are used. The MkV is a single cell placard-style chassis that is built with all-new materials and manufacturing processes.
The design features MOLLE on the front and sides to accommodate additional magazine pouches. Tourniquets and other equipment can also be stowed outboard with our universal retention kit, and a row of anchor points along the top opening will interface with our magazine bungee retention kit to secure any caliber of weapon.
The main cell of the MkV Chassis is lined with loop on both sides and will accommodate all of Spiritus Systems’ magazine inserts

Versatile and Scalable
The Micro Fight Chest Rig MkV will interface with the whole line of Spiritus Systems chest rig and plate carrier components. The MkV is extremely capable as a low-bulk solution for environments where space and weight command a premium. However, the product’s modularity and compatibility with all Spiritus Accessories allow the micro fight to scale from a minimalistic magazine carrier to a full-fledged plate carrier system, or various sustainment and comms-focused chest rigs.

The CCS Pouch
The MkV can be combined with its companion product, the CCS Pouch. The CCS pouch is a full-featured GP Pouch that vastly improves upon the legacy front cell’s functionality, and storage capacity. For those that do not need a GP Pouch solution, the MkV’s MOLLE front will accept any 3rd party magazine holders or other pouches.

Stand Alone System
The Micro Fight Chest Rig was designed to perform as a stand-alone system. It can be configured for wear in low visibility environments that require minimal printing through clothing with maximum equipment storage. It can also be configured for high visibility operations where a full spectrum of equipment is required.

Placard Configuration
The Micro Fight Chest Rig was designed to work seamlessly as a "Placard" for plate carrier systems. Simply remove the 1 inch side release buckles and attach the system via the hard loop field located on the back of the system to you plate carrier. This configuration allows for profile expansion or reduction as mission requirements change.