Unity Tactical FAST QD Lever

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Unity Tactical ATOM Adapter - Trijicon RMR



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    Posted by derek on 10th Apr 2024

    locks up solid, great addition to the Riser.

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    The accessory even Unity Tactical doesn't seem crazy about.

    Posted by Charlotte P. on 3rd Feb 2022

    So, fun fact - I couldn't find any sort of installation instructions for this! The product didn't include them & Unity Tactical's own website had no PDF, it simply said "Instructions are included with the product." Interestingly, Unity Tactical has had them as OoS for a long while. I get the impression that this is a mostly orphaned product, & I can kind of see why. I did eventually figure out installation, & I've gotta say, I'm not super crazy about it. It's very easy to accidentally overtighten & a pain to remove if you've done so, & I found that by the time I'd finished installing it *correctly* - which at this point, it functioned perfectly well & did exactly what it describes on the tin - I was asking "Why bother?" With the integrated irons of the Unity Tactical mount & a rugged dot, there isn't much cause to remove the mount emergently, & the tools that you'd need to remove it are non-proprietary, common, & easily fit into a utility pouch on your range back or on your carrier. I would personally recommend giving this product a pass. If you really want a compatible QD lever, I'd suggest looking at the ADM option, but I will personally be forgoing the QD option for my red dot mounts. But for positive points - SKD got my order out very quickly. As always, I'm very pleased with their fulfillment & customer service. :)

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    Posted by Thomas Carlson on 26th Mar 2021

    I ran my FAST mount for about a year with the standard screws. Wanted QD so I can easily swap back to an LPVO for a class. Was surprised that there was little shift (3-4 clicks) going from from fixed to QD and checking my zero. Once zeroed with the QD, I removed and replaced the sight 4 times and didn’t see a shift at 50yds. Was a very windy day, so I didn’t try the same at 200yds.

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    UNITY ?

    Posted by Unknown on 1st Oct 2020

    This is made by ADM (American Defence Manufactuing) which makes great products, but why is it listed as "Unity"