Unity Tactical Hot Button - 7" - Rail Mount M1913

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Unity Tactical Hot Button - 7" - Rail Mount


The first major innovation is the button angle. Legacy remote tape switches feature a flat pad that forces users to strain their thumbs in an unnatural angle to apply consistent pressure to activate a momentary function. Hot Button presents the activation button at a 45-degree angle for an exponentially more comfortable press. This is especially important when activating the button under pressure. A raised, crenelated bezel protects the button from accidental actuation, while providing a tactile index point for the user’s thumb. Because Hot Button is angled, the overall footprint is much smaller than factory OEM pressure pads. Not only does this clean up rails on traditional weapons, but it greatly increases the accessory layout options on smaller SMG and PDW’s.

If that weren’t enough, we have designed two separate versions of Hot Button that will attach directly to either Mil-Std M1913 Picatinny or M-LOK rail interface. Both rail systems are approved and standardized by the US Department of Defense for use on issued weapons. Hot Button secures to these rails with hardware, eliminating the need for Velcro, 100mph Tape, or Zip Ties. This secure attachment method ensures your switches stay on the gun (in the location you placed them) regardless of battlefield abuse.

Hot Button is available for standard Surefire tail caps and standard Crane-Style laser ports (found in B.E. Meyers, Holosun, Insight/L-3, Steiner, and Wilcox products).

Meets MIL-STD-801G(1)-512.6

* “FDE” is used throughout our catalog to reference a spectrum of colors that include tan, brown, bronze, earth, and everything in between. Due to the chemical process that takes place during Type III Hardcoat, the final finish can vary from part to part (even parts done in the same batch). Therefore, your “FDE” product may vary from other parts from UNITY and other companies, and may vary from the photos shown online.


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    Hot Button

    Posted by Kevin RamosPerez on 18th Apr 2024

    Solid and firm button

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    Two issues with the Surefire version

    Posted by LWRCspr on 29th Jun 2020

    Cool product, but two issues: 1. It creates induction whine on my lights. Not super loud, but noticeable without having to put it right up to my ear. From what I read, the whine can occur on a lot of lights, but I’ve owned many Surefires, and have never encountered it when using factory accessories. 2. The fence surrounding the button is a bit off-centered. I can still access the button, but still a QA issue.

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    Solid remote laser switch

    Posted by Jon on 22nd Jun 2020

    First - it mounts solidly to your fore end: goes - and stays - where you want it. With velcro-mounted versions of other brands, I was never happy with their attachment. Next - its angled button design both orients the switch for more comfortable activation, and takes up less real estate on your rail. And the textured angled front of the mount is a nice touch - it guides my thumb to another switch I have directly in front of it. For multiple switched items I'd prefer the TAPS switch I also purchased if the second device will accept it, but in this case what I'm using doesn't so required two separate switches. Also, the cable is a nice length, and the connector snaps in quite positively. For applications for activating a single device, this is the answer for me.