Arisaka Defense Rail Slider LRF/Spotter Adapter

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Rail Slider LRF/Spotter Adapter

Please note: The current product photos do not represent the final design.

The LRF/Spotter Adapter is the utility piece of the Arisaka Rail Slider System. It is intended to be used with the Rail Slider on tripods, and is designed to be attached to any shooting accessory with a 1/4-20 threaded mount, such as laser range finders, spotting scopes, rifle rests like the Hog Saddle, and chronographs like the LabRadar.

While it looks like a short picatinny rail, the LRF/Spotter Adapter has two offset notches and tapered ends which allow it to be inserted into the Rail Slider without requiring the user to press the button to disengage the recoil lug. The recoil lug will automatically snap into place when inserted far enough, securing the shooting accessory. This can be followed by a quick turn of the Rail Slider knob to completely remove all slack and lock the accessory in place.

An anti-rotation set screw is also provided to ensure the shooting accessory cannot loosen or rotate on the adapter.

Weight: 1 oz.

The adapter is CNC machined from 6061-T651 aluminum and MIL-A-8625 Type III hard coat anodized. Includes 1/4-20 cap head screw and 10-32 anti-rotation set screw. Requires 5/32 and 3/32 Allen wrenches for installation (not included). Recommended torque: Finger tight for anti-rotation set screw, 30 inch lbs for 1/4-20 cap head screw. Loctite 242 or 243 recommended.

Made in the USA.