Mayflower Assault Plate Carrier (APC)

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Mayflower Assault Plate Carrier (APC)  BASE

Base only! NO CUMMERBUND. Pick your own

Note: Please purchase the Velocity Systems Side Plate Retainer Straps for side plates that are larger than or equal to 6"x6" and 1" thick

The Assault Plate Carrier (APC) is designed to provide the wearer with a high degree of mobility while providing ample surface area for mounting mission essential pouches. The upper front of the APC contains an integral admin pouch with internal elastic loops to retain pens, pencils, chemlites or similar items. The front lower half of the APC has an integrated pouch sized to hold up to three M4 sized magazines.

The APC is supplied with our standard PALS compatible cummerbund designed to accept side soft armor. The APC is also compatible with our suite of modular cummerbund.

The APC is available in two sizes: S/M and L/XL with three cummerbund options. The S/M is available with either a small or medium cummerbund; the L/XL is available with either a medium or large cummerbund. The plate pockets are sized to accommodate stand alone or in-conjunction with BALCs/ESAPI or Swimmer cut plates. The S/M APC will fit small, medium and 10"x12" sized plates. The L/XL APC will fit large and extra-large plates. Reference the APC sizing chart below for correct fitting.

All materials and workmanship are 100% made in the USA.

The Assault Plate Carrier is available in the following colors:

  • Coyote Brown: 500D solution dyed
  • Crye Multicam: 500D
  • Black: 500D
  • Ranger Green: 500D

Bottom three rows of Molle have Loop VELCRO® Brand 

If you measure 34-44" at the navel, you should try a S/M APC with a Small cummerbund
If you measure 42-52" at the navel, you should try a S/M APC with a Medium cummerbund
If you measure 43-53" at the navel, you should try a L/XL APC with a Medium cummerbund
If you measure 49-59" at the navel, you should try a L/XL APC with a Large cummerbund

  • Small - 5 Rows MOLLE - Fits 5"x7" Soft Armor
  • Medium - 6 Rows MOLLE - Fits 5"x9" Soft Armor
  • Large - 7 Rows MOLLE - Fits 5.5"x11" Soft Armor

For plate carrier fitting advice, please see the SKD Blog post: How to Choose the Right Size Plate Carrier


  • 5
    Best PC hands down

    Posted by Joshua Roun on 20th Dec 2022

    Holy crap. I own a JPC 1.0, Ferro Slickster, Shaw Concepts Arc V2 and an FCPC V5… this PC hands down feels like extremely slim as it SHOULD be, light and comfortable. It’s scalable up and down with whatever you need and it doesn’t have anything eccentric that makes the PC complicated. I would recommend for the beginner getting into armor, to the experienced individual. I use my Shaw Arc for my work carrier in the USMC and hands down this one replaces it just for how modular and simple it is. Velocity systems makes really great PC’s!

  • 5
    Best compromise

    Posted by Rob on 19th Feb 2022

    Old but gold,fast shipping

  • 5
    Mayflower APC

    Posted by Jim on 24th Jan 2022

    Very well built. Great design. Extremely pleased with the plate carrier. Fits my level IV plates perfectly, and keeps them placed properly without any fuss. Pairs great with the Mayflower Cummerbund.

  • 4
    Right there with the JPC 2.0

    Posted by AmericanHeretic on 5th Jul 2021

    I bought this carrier to my wife to be run slick, but with the option for a placard. 1st off, including the placard/chest rig clips was a great move and greatly appreciated as I don't want anything permanently mounted aside from maybe a light admin pouch. With that in mind, this carrier actually includes some really useful carry options. Starting from the top is a dual layer admin pouch. The innermost pouch features a hook and loop closure to keep heavier items nice and tight to the carrier. The outermost pouch does not to provide quick and quiet access to important items such as a map. Working down you have a kangaroo style pouch that will easily hold magazines and other supplies, keeping them closer to the carrier by eliminating the need for a mounting medium. If you do want to mount pouches you've got options. The molle panels will allow for the direct mount of any molle type attachments and those built in clips along with the velcro on the front of the carrier will work with most popular chest rigs and placards from companies like Haley Strategic and HSGI. All in all this is a very well made carrier and quite comfortable. The inner padding is nice and not too bulky. Time will tell how well it wicks away sweat, but I am confident it will be just fine. The included shoulder pads are also comfortable and allow for easily running a hydration pack line thru it. I'll likely mount a Source Molle system to the back of this carrier and the rear molle system will allow for a nice and high mounting of that hydration system. Lastly, adjustment is easy as can be for a proper fit. The sizing was accurate. I took one star away for the price, but you can expect for any company with a military contract to make up profits in the civilian market. That said, the APC is a great plate carrier and I wouldn't hesitate to buy it again.