Ebola Virus Patch

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Ebola Virus Patch

For 20+ years, Ebola was the butt of countless jokes. Well in 2014, SHIT GOT REAL, and no one was laughing. It's now 2015 and we're pretty much Ebola-free in the US, but we need to be vigilant about the threat and these new SKD exclusive patches will help you do just that.

Been to West Africa recently but want to avoid the crazy customs questionnaire and inevitable quarantine? Our handy Ebola NEG (Negative) Bloodtype Patch will help you cut through the red tape and generally set other people at ease. Tired of waiting for medical attention in the new Obama-care era? Skip to the head of the line at your next emergency room visit with our Ebola POS (Positive) Bloodtype Patch.

Nothing says “In need of immediate medical care” like Ebola. Think of it as a hospital VIP pass to all the healthcare you’ve ever wanted, but will never be able to afford.

These quality PVC molded patches are available in EBOLA "POS" and "NEG" variants in Arid and Black/White, as well as an insider "Strain" version so you don't have to scream EBOLA. Patches measure approximately 1" x 3.5" and are backed with hook fastener.