Esstac 5.56 Double Stack KYWI Pouch - Midlength

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Esstac 5.56 Double Stack KYWI Pouch - Midlength

The Esstac DBL 556 Pouch Utilizes the same Open Bottom design as the Wedge and Boar series products that allow dirt and foreign debri to easily fall from the pouch. The DBL KWYI insert allows for fast magazine changes yet holds the magazines firmly in place through all activities.

Both magazines are held under tension from the kydex wich acts as a spring, once the front magazine is removed the back magazine "Leans" forward for easier removal. The DBL KWYI comes with an optional elastic keeper to help retain the magazine if greater retention is desired once the front magazine is removed.

Holds 2x 556 magazines
Does not include malice clips (requires 2 short)


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    Posted by Jim on 21st Mar 2022

    I purchased this item to overcome a problem of not having enough real estate to carry many singles. Also to help balance out my load and still be accessible. I have added ESSTAC gear to my kit for it's quality and function and have not been let down. The only fault I can find to date is the fact that the insert retaining two (2) mags can be a bit of hassle. Once loaded the retention is like other ESSTAC products which is great. My issue is with loading the carrier. I almost have to insert both mags at the same time to get them seated, one after the other requires patience and colorful language. In ESSTACs defense, they did add a retention band to securely hold a single mag but the initial loading is still a pain. Granted, ease of access when removing is the key point and I have no issue with that. I seldom index mags on the fly, so waiting until behind cover to do this is not a huge issue, but an issue no the less. This is not a knock of the product, just an FYI for those who may not know about ESSTAC products. I will continue to run it and expect to get more in the future.

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    Great product

    Posted by Unknown on 16th Oct 2017

    The double stack is nice but it needs the second magazine in the pouch to keep a tight retention, thereÍs also a band that seems to be helping with the retention but if you go to reholster the mag it catches onto it. I think the product is nice, but not as well executed as the other ones.