Esstac 5.56 Triple KYWI Pouch - Midlength

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Esstac 5.56 Triple KYWI Pouch - Midlength

The KYWI revolution has come full circle- ESSTAC Wedges are now available with KYWI's installed in both 5.56 and 7.62. These unique hand-formed Kydex Wedge Inserts (KYWI) will give you just the right retention for secure carriage of your loaded mags, with immediate release with a sharp pull of the magazine.

These install on your kit with Malice Clips (not included). Add some KYWI capability to your mags today!

Does not include malice clips (requires 4 short).

You only use the Top 3 rows of webbing when mounting (not all 4)


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    Good to go!

    Posted by Michael on 5th Nov 2023

    There was a little confusion on my end, a user error, utilizing the short malice clips. However, after speaking with SKD Tactical, their customer support was incredible and helped me identify what I was doing wrong, and the pouch and short malice clips fit perfectly on my kit now. Very satisfied with the purchase and highly recommend!

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    Esstac mag pouch

    Posted by Tony on 10th May 2021

    Too quality mag pouch-does exactly what it should. SKD shipping for the win.

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    Posted by G A on 26th Jan 2021

    Well made and functional product

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    Good upgrade!

    Posted by Tim on 11th Apr 2020

    I have really liked these compared to the HSGI tacos i was using before. The unseen benefit of them being connected i don't have mags shifting on me. Great for my plate carrier

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    Well made, however I don't like it

    Posted by Mike on 5th Oct 2019

    The retention is so good I can lift the whole plate carrier with armor and 8 mags and the first mag will not release. In an event where I need speed, this mag pouch has too much retention to be usable on my vest, Perhaps if it was intended for either and IBA or IOTV which are substantially heavier by default.

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    Awesome kit from a great shop!

    Posted by Unknown on 18th Apr 2019

    Absolutely nothing to complain about with esstac, durable, smooth, with good retention. A little tight at first but they break in fast and work perfect. SKD was an awesome place to get it from! Fast processing and shipping and good prices and selection!! Only good things to say!

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    Pain free fast shipping

    Posted by Dustin Fulmer on 16th Oct 2017

    Everything was great and I'm pleased with the product. Will shop with SKD again

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    Really like the product

    Posted by JEFF on 9th Oct 2017

    Really like the product

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    Great & efficient product

    Posted by Rich on 17th Sep 2017

    I chose this product because of the low-profile retention, dual feature of kydex and fabric holster which I was not disappointed one bit ! The Velcro backing on the kydex insert fits securely with the corresponding Velcro on the inner part of the fabric part and does not move at all ! Mag compatibility and fit is great from a M4/M16 mag standpoint and retention is great with a jump, exercise, and basic drill test. ***One thing to note, it is a complaint that these holsters are too tight or don't fit all mags, but one thing neglected to be told is that you need to apply a bit of lubricant (non-petroleum based; IE: frog-lube/silicone oil) to the wedges to lessen the friction or mags sticking against the walls of the bare dry kydex so that the kydex holding the mag under tension can work properly during re-holstering and drawing***