Esstac 556 KYWI (Kydex Wedge Insert)

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Esstac 556 KYWI (pronounced "kiwi")

by Sean
Esstac Shingle Mag Pouch with KYWI - I like that these mag pouches bridge the gap between hard plastic and soft/ cloth mag pouches. The retention is perfect. I prefer open top mag pouches to any other type because when you need more ammo you REALLY need more ammo. Fumbling with a velcro flap or even a bungee can be out of the question for the first 4 mags at a minimum. View More SKD Staff Picks

Don't Like bungee topped magazine pouches? Prefer an open topped pouch for rapid magazine changes? Then these new user-installed Kydex upgrades for the Esstac Wedge magazine pouches and Boar series chest rigs are for you.

The Esstac KYWI (Kydex Wedge Insert) allows you to have the option of swapping out all your existing Esstac bungee retention inserts with a quick open topped friction retention design, or swap out just a few for quicker access while leaving the rest of the mags with the added security of the bungee topped inserts. Magazines in the Kydex have enough compression against them to hold the magazines in place even when the pouch is upside down yet with a quick pull on the magazine they release for speedy deployment.

The spring loaded nature of these Kydex inserts keep the mouth of the Magazine pocket fully open for ease of magazine reinsertion yet hold the mags tight under compression. The apex of the KYWI that contacts the magazine sits above the Mag catch bump when the magazine is in place, so the mags "click" into place.

These will work with all Boar series chest rigs and Wedge pouches in 5.56. They are compatible with Pmags, USGI, Orilite, Thermold and Lancer magazines as well as most other 5.56 AR-15/M4/M16 type magazines. Aluminum and steel magazines may need sharp edges chamfered to alleviate excessive wear to the Kydex.


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    Just right

    Posted by Frank R on 20th Jul 2020

    Hi, Got the inserts, placed them into the Haley chest rig and it’s perfect. Easy re-indexing and a secure hold on the mags. Even when inverted when getting into and out of weird positions. Thanks! Great service at a fair price. All the best, Frank

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    All you need

    Posted by GORDON on 16th Jul 2020

    Whether adding them to individual pouches that don’t have real positive retention or using them stand alone in a kangaroo style pouch (some modification required typically) these things are irreplaceable. If you know you know...

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    Does it’s job

    Posted by Ryan on 21st Jun 2020

    Mags stay in when not pulled out when doing whatever I’ve tried so far, running/jumping/diving... Haven’t been flipped upside down and shaken by the ankles yet though, but if that’s your standard idk what you’re expecting. These also remove easily in my carrier and pouch when needed (they do have Velcro if you’re mag pouch has some inside) But remain right where I want them when I don’t want them to move. (Used with condor mag pouches)

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    if you like reindexing mags, this is the 1 for you

    Posted by Robert Heibel on 18th Jun 2020

    Got these to put in a spiritus mk4 micro chest rig. Not a fan of the elastic ones that spiritus sells.

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    What I was looking for

    Posted by Hoss on 8th Apr 2020

    This product does exactly what you need! I run a 3 AR mag holder on the front of my plate carrier and this product unsure the top stays open when I insert the mags. With this product inside the mag holder I only need one hand to load the mags into the holder.

  • 5
    Magazine pouch perfected

    Posted by Unit13FREMSLT on 17th Mar 2020

    Works great with the triple side-by-side military issue surplus MOLLE magazine pouches.

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    Just what I needed.

    Posted by Anthony D on 25th Feb 2020

    Added 5 of these to my plate carrier to get rid of the bungees and make for a quicker mag change. The 30 round kywis fit and function perfectly in my kangaroo mag pouch. In the two mag panel on my left side, I need to adjust the rear most kywi to have less friction but that’s my setup not anything the kywi is doing wrong. Overall great product, will recommend these and tell everyone I ordered them from SKDtactical com.

  • 5

    Posted by Jose L on 3rd Feb 2020

    Good retention and perfect fit in my Spiritus Systems Microfight

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    Skd and Esstac Wedge Insert

    Posted by KeKevin Montalvo on 31st Jan 2020

    Fast shipping from SKD. Inserts work great inside the kangaroo pouch of my pc. Excellent quality.