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HSGI Double Decker "TACO" Magazine Pouch

Double Decker "TACO" , Modular single rifle and pistol magazine pouch. Just like its older brother this unique pouch will hold more types of mags than just the AR series of mags. Not only will it hold AR type mags including P-MAGS, it will also hold Magazines for the AK, FAL, M14, SR25, M1A1, G3, Saiga 12, and more..... even some types of radios. It will also hold the large Flash bangs and the M-18 Smoke grenades. This mag pouch measures 3" in width. Made of Cordura, Kydex and shock-cord, it is silent when stuck against and while extracting the mag.

The "TACO" maintains a positive grip of the mag on which is adjustable and does not need use of any other securing systems unless desired upon by user preference. Webbing tabs are sewn in on the top for use of "over the top" bungee retainers if desired (not included). Additional loop Velcro is sewn in the inside of the Rifle pouch if the user wishes to use adhesive backed hook Velcro on his magazine body for added security. But not only will this pouch hold ANY Rifle magazine, it will hold ANY Pistol Magazine. Single Stack or Double Stack.

Made in the USA and is covered by the HSGI Lifetime warranty.

Dimensions: 3"H x 2.2"W x 5"L


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    Double Decker Taco

    Posted by Dan on 13th Mar 2024

    It sits a little high on my belt but the retention is great. AR mag indexes well, so does the pistol mag. Overall a great product.

  • 3

    Posted by Unknown on 15th Nov 2020

    Will these run with a safe life defense belt?

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    Taco mags

    Posted by John Pollock on 23rd Dec 2019

    Super fast shipping and absolutely love the product. Took me no time to install. Arrived in perfect shape with no issues.

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    Mag Pouch

    Posted by Craig Burch on 25th Jan 2019

    This is an excellent product and fast shipping.

  • 5

    Posted by Benny2Toes on 25th Jan 2019

    Pouches secure to my belt (MOLLE) very well with little movement and no rattle. The MOLLE fasteners provided are extremely easy to use and change out, but lock tight and fit precisely to the pouch. Mags can be a little tricky to put into the pouches with high tension and while wearing them, but what matters is how they come out, right? The AR mag pouch and pistol mag pouch provide about 3" -4" of clearance between the 2 mags so accessing either rapidly is not an issue, especially after running a few reload drills and getting a feel for how they sit on the belt. The multicam black pattern makes you look super tough and hard. Guys at the range start asking you about your MOE. Hell yeah! Great product

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    Taco shells

    Posted by Gary White on 25th Oct 2018

    These are pretty awesome they hold tightly and are quiet. I use these while runnin n gunnin at the range and just personal training. Nice to have this setup sitting beside the SKD go bag extended.

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    Double Decker Taco

    Posted by JP on 14th Aug 2018

    Who doesn't like a taco!?!

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    More than just mags

    Posted by Johnny Benson on 10th Oct 2017

    I produce a show on youtube called Bug Out Boys and I am always looking for gear that can fulfill multiple needs and this pouch does just that. Does it hold mags like a champ? Yes, but I can use the same pouches to hold lights, multi tools, GPS, the list goes on and this versatility drew me to this product. Also taking out a mag is super quiet so if stealth is key worry not.

  • 4
    Great piece of gear!

    Posted by John on 28th Aug 2017

    These pouches are awesome. The only issue that I have with them is that they rub together and make a clicking sound when placed directly against each other on MOLLE.