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One Hundred Concepts LightCap™

  • Protect your lens
  • Low profile in off position
  • Field repairable

With the release of our LightCap, many customers requested we make a scope cap in the same style. You asked, we listened.

The ScopeCap is a simple, rugged, and low profile solution to protect your scope's lenses and eliminate any reflections from them. Our signature flipper tab is integral to the ScopeCap and allows for fast and easy removal from your scope's bezel. When doffed, they have a lower profile than traditional flip style scope caps.

With 7 sizes, we have a ScopeCap for every scope on the market. From LPVOs to high-power optics, we've (literally) got you covered.


INCLUDES: 1x ScopeCap, 1x Ranger Band, 2x sections of shock cord in two colors


The ScopeCap is made in the USA from an incredibly durable, UV-resistant thermoplastic. The ScopeCap is affixed with American made, rubber core shock cord and the included ranger band is made from EPDM Rubber with outstanding heat, UV, and saltwater resistance.


When properly tensioned, ScopeCap should not "rattle" during movement. To properly tension, first ensure that the ranger band is installed far back enough so that the ScopeCap can completely clear the bezel when flipped to the side. In this position, remove slack by pulling on the shock cord behind the ranger band.