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One Hundred Concepts ShockCollar™

  • Eliminate excess shock cord and use of ranger bands
  • Simplifies LightCap™ and ScopeCap™ installation
  • Ease of manipulating light heads for battery changes and Vampire modes
  • Better suited for scopes with rotating Oculars (EOTECH Vudu and NightForce Scopes)

One of the biggest pieces of feedback we've received on our products is the difficulty of installation and battery changes when using our ScopeCap ™ and LightCap ™ products. By developing a locking ring with eyelets to fit the shock cord, we were able to completely eliminate the need for ranger bands and looping the shock cord around the light or optic body.

Another pain point for some of our customers is how difficult removing a light head can be for battery changes or actuating the rotating head on Surefire Vampire Scout lights. Locking the shock cord to the light head itself, it allows a free range of motion and no more binding or unlooping of the shock cord. If you're using an LPVO where the magnification throw is a large part of the rear of the optic, the ShockCollar™ eliminates the binding when adjusting magnification.

Is the ShockCollar™ required for the installation of our ScopeCap and LightCap™? Absolutely not. However, it does offer some major benefits. 


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    One Hundred Concepts ShockCollar

    Posted by Josh on 9th Mar 2024

    This is a very good product. Well made and performs its function well. Much better than a Ranger band.