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PIG Plate Carrier (US Pat. Nos. 9,222,757 & D781,000)

by Sean
PIG Plate Carrier - The PIG Plate Carrier is the most versatile PC I have ever worn. The LIK Kit is a huge plus for limiting the amount of straps hanging off of my body armor. Having the ability to change the attachment points for the Double D ring (I love saying that) to fastex is great for my weak side. I can still ditch it quickly on one side but don't have anything that interferes with my my rifle stock on my firing side. The super small profile of the PIG rig is amazing. i no longer feel like the state puff marshmallow man in my Armor. I was a little worried when i first put it on that it wasn't giving me enough coverage. Then I realized MY ESAPI plate was in it.... made me realize how poorly I had covered my vital organs in the past. The high riding PIG PC keeps my thoracic area covered better than any other PC I have ever worn and I have a full range of motion. The way I see it, I'll survive a gut shot more than likely (although the pain may make me want to die) but my chances of surviving a collapse lung due to trauma are slim. 

The Patrol Incident Gear Plate Carrier (PIG PC) is a Patented (US Pat. Nos. 9,222,757 & D781,000) design that was over two years in the making. Starting off as a modified Eagle Plate Carrier Pre-production model in 2007, we threw out the drawing board altogether and performed a complete ground-up metamorphosis based directly on a list of functional attributes we wanted to feature. The result is the most versatile, and most highly-rated plate carrier on the market. The PIG PC is a lightweight plate carrier system that allows the user to configure the kit to work optimally with their mission profile. It is proudly Made in the USA, and offers some of the most unique features available on a plate carrier today.

Approx. weight (w/ Molle Cummerbund): 2 lbs 11 oz

Industry Firsts found on the PIG PC

    • Elevated Plate Profile - Most plate carriers on the market tend to carry the plate extremely low in relation to the most vital organs and vessels in the upper-thoracic region they are meant to protect. One of the main goals of this carrier was to get both front and back plates high enough to maximize protection of your vitals. An adjustable plate harness pushes each plate to the top of the plate pocket, and keeps plates centered left and right through internal velcro stabilizers. The PIG PC also places the top of the rear plate ABOVE the connection point to the shoulder straps. This allows both front and rear plates to be optimally positioned without sacrificing comfort.

    • One Size Fits Most – The adjustable plate harness and the internal Velcro stabilizers allow the wearer to use any size SAPI/ESAPI plate from Small through Extra Large (or similar corner cut plates) without having the plates bottom out or swim around in the carrier. The PIG is the only plate carrier that can secure this wide range of plate sizes while maintaining such a low footprint on the wearer.

    • Rear Padding System - The rear plate carrier features two vertical back pads that keep contact off of your spine and creates an air-flow channel to aid in increased ventilation and heat dissipation. These vertical pads flow into the integral padded shoulder straps, creating a continuous shock-absorbing feature that is extremely comfortable for extended use.

    • Hybrid Construction - Utilizes 500 Denier Cordura and lightweight Pack Nylon in different areas according to abrasion exposure to minimize weight.

    • Multiple Cummerbund Options - Now you can get all the features you want, or just those you need with regards to the cummerbund. With 2 cummerbund options and 3 side plate carrier options, you have multiple configurations to select from.

    • Scalable Side Plate Pocket Options - Now you can use 6"x 6" side plates as well as 6"x 8" & 7" x 8" models with the extended retention strap feature on both of our Side Plate Carrier models. The elastic expansion capability allows you to run just a side plate, or both a side plate and a soft armor backer behind it with no slop or movement in the pouch. The PIG Modular Side Plate Carrier (MSPC) adds the most versatility, securing most any size side plate with or without soft armor backer to any Molle surface.

    • Dedicated Plate-backer Pockets - Each PIG PC ships with a custom cut foam panel that sits inside a dedicated pocket to increase comfort for the wearer. You can access and replace this panel with a soft armor insert without having to touch your plates and visa-versa. This makes plus-ing up or scaling down a much simpler operation.

  • G-Hook Applications - The PIG PC is the first production Plate Carrier to utilize ITW G-Hook, easily one of the most versatile pieces of hardware available to the tactical market today. Used in the primary shoulder strap attachment, it allows the user to replace hardware in the field and select between a side release buckle or a metal D-ring assembly. The PIG PC Load Integration Kit also uses G-Hooks to seamlessly integrate the popular Eagle Yote pack to the PIG PC.

Additional Features

    • Semi-Rigid Drag Handle - The tubular nylon drag handle houses a length of plastic tubing to increase surface area and comfort when gripping.

    • Split Cummerbund Retention Flaps - By splitting the cummerbund flaps, the user is able to keep one side attached at all times through repeated don/doff cycles. The flaps' outer corners are retained by snap tabs that come up from underneath to keep the corner retained. Each flap includes a kangaroo pouch for hasty item storage or integration of dedicated flap pouches.

  • Front & Back Velcro PALS - Now you don't have to settle for either just a velcro panel, or PALS without velcro. Both front and back plate compartments have velcro-covered PALS webbing that lets the user configure the Plate Carrier with ID patches or modular pouches as necessary.


Ordering Instructions

To order a functional PIG-PC system, at a minimum you must select 1 x PIG PC Chassis and 1 x PIG PC Cummerbund. This Ala Carte system allows the user to custom configure their carrier for their specific mission straight from the vendor.

Want a Low-Profile High Mobility configuration with slick sides? Select the PIG PC Chassis with PIG-PC-CBE (Elastic Cummerbund). This is easily the most comfortable and adjustable combination.

Want to maximize load capability and run with side plates? Choose the PIG-PC Chassis with PIG Plate Carrier Molle Cummerbund (previously named: Soft Armor Compatible Molle Cummerbund) and PIG-PC-SPC-CBM (Side Plate Carrier, Molle Cummerbund). Want Cummerbund Soft Armor inserts and the Side plate in front of the soft armor? Select the PIG Cummerbund Soft Armor Inserts and the MSPC.

Options are as follows:

    • PIG-PC-CBE / Elastic Cummerbund - A simple 4" wide elastic cummerbund attaches via velcro to the rear cummerbund channel on the PIG-PC Chassis. When configured, user should affix the cummerbund on the bottom-most 4 inches of the rear cummerbund channel, and correspondingly secure the front of the cummerbund at the bottom-most 4 inches under the front cummerbund flaps.

    • PIG Molle Cummerbund (previously named Soft Armor Compatible Cummerbund)- Offering 10 columns and 3 rows of PALS webbing on each side, this cummerbund allows for a host of modular mounting options. Adjustments to the shock cord can be made through an adjustment slot in the rear cummerbund channel of the PIG-PC Chassis. The offset paracord pull handles aide in removal when doffing. The inside of the cummerbund is lined with loop velcro to incorporate the PIG-PC-SPC-CBM (Side Plate Carrier, Molle Cummerbund) with a webbing loop for a retention tether. *This item can be used with the Eagle Molle Plate Carrier with Cummerbund.*

    • PIG Elastic Cummerbund Sleeve - Instantly provides you with 6 columns and 4 adjacent rows of Molle to increase your load bearing capability. The Elastic Cummerbund Side Plate Carrier: allows you to carry any side plate from 6" x 6", 6" x 8" and 7" x 8". The Elastic Cummerbund Molle Sleeve w/ Side Plate Carrier: combines the features of both of the previous systems into one product.

    • PIG-PC-SPC-CBM / Side Plate Carrier for Molle Cummerbund - This velcro pouch offers the user a side plate capability for the PIG-PC-CBM. Due to the large velcro engagement area inside the cummerbund, the user has a host of placement options, fore and aft, as well as by turning the orientation of the pouch. The pouch will hold 6"x 6" side plates as well as 6"x 8" & 7" x 8" with the retention strap oriented up or down. The cord supplied with each PIG-PC-SPC-CBM is for a tether to be tied through the grommet on the cummerbund for additional retention in extreme environments.

    • PIG-MSPC / Modular Side Plate Carrier- When running Soft Armor in the Cummerbund, it is important to keep the Side Plate in front of the soft armor. The MSPC allows the wearer to do just that. Utilizing Malice clips, the MSPC attaches to the PIG Molle Cummerbund and any other Molle interface.

    • PIG-PC-LIK / Load Integration Kit - Utilizing the innovative G-Hook from ITW, this kit includes all the necessary hardware to allow for the seamless integration of load and/or hydration systems such as the popular Eagle YOTE.

    • PIG-PC-GH-SRB / G-Hook Side Release Buckle Kit (2) - Each PIG-PC-Chassis includes this item as a primary attachment for front and back plate carriers. This kit provides 2 additional assemblies to use as field replacements, or to attach additional accessories to the array of G-Hook anchors on the PIG-PC padded shoulder straps.

    • PIG-PC-GH-DD / G-Hook Double D-Ring Kit (2) - This double ring assembly allows the user to replace a G-Hook Side Release Buckle assembly on the PIG-PC Chassis to allow for a reduced profile, and very quick strap adjustment.

  • PIG Hydration Carrier (2L & 3L)

For plate carrier fitting advice, please see the SKD post: How to Choose the Right Size Plate Carrier


  • 5
    PIG Plate Carrier

    Posted by Oscar Sanchez on 16th Apr 2018

    Solid construction, good quality, versatile. With Hardwire Level III plates (3.1 lbs. ea.), PIG IIIA soft backers, cummbunds, and Level IIIA cummerbund inserts, the kit comes in at 12.4lbs. There are lighter plates, both Level III and IV, that would allow you to set up the PIG right at 10lbs. Best combination of quality, warranty, flexibility, mobility and cost. One size fits most, I'm 5'11", 235lbs, with a 36" waist; any bigger and you'll need to go with another vest to ensure coverage with the cummerbunds. If you use a layered system and don't require the cummerbunds, then it will fit even bigger dudes.

  • 5
    Great product

    Posted by Zach Bluhm on 6th Feb 2018

    Everything came fast, is well made, and I could not be happier as a first time tactical customer. The PC is light weight and has good reinforced stitching. I'm definitely looking forward to field testing this product.

  • 5
    Killin It

    Posted by Shane Foster on 12th Jan 2018

    This is about my 6th order from SKD and first to order a PC. The GOV messed up an order for some PCÕs and we had to purchase our own to be in compliance. The PIG met the criteria and SKD had on my door 30 some hours inspite of the holidays. Not only will I continue to be a loyal customer to SKD, but itÕs the first reference I give to get quality equipment. ItÕs not always the cheapest, but the cheapest is almost never the best. However, if SKD carries it, rest assured itÕs probably some of the best!

  • 5
    Plate Carrier for Patrol

    Posted by Chris on 6th Jan 2018

    I am a Police Officer and have tried a few other plate carrier assemblies before I bought this set up. This carrier stands far above any other I have tried for performance, comfort, and maintaining a low profile. I purchased the PIG plate carrier with the double d ring kit, two PIG kangaroo mag inserts, and the S.O. tech IFAK. SKD shipped fast and the products were beyond my expectation. If you're in the market for a plate carrier, whether you're new to the market or a veteran, you should give the PIG a shot!

  • 5
    PIG Plate Carrier

    Posted by Nicholas Muzzarelli on 8th Dec 2017

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 6th Nov 2017

    What an amazing plate carrier. I wore it with front and back steel plates for 8 hours in a tactical pistol course and I could barely tell it was on. I highly recommend it.

  • 5
    Thought I try something different for less $$$..

    Posted by Bryan Nelson on 24th Sep 2017

    But I returned it and came back the PIG carrier. Still the most comfortable and flexible when it comes to different plates. My go to plate carrier for sure. STD... wait, that was a joke??? ... totally took care of me on the return. Excellent customer service.

  • 5
    Tougher than Crye, More comfortable than Eagle

    Posted by BT375 on 24th Jun 2017

    3/75 guy, and this thing has my stamp of approval! It shines in Durability, Comfort, and Simplicity. Everyone knows Regiment dudes go through gear like hookers go through panties. We are rough as fuck on stuff, and this thing has lasted better than my Crye JPC. I even know a guy in RRC that is rocking one and loves it! @SKDTAC only feedback I'd give you fellas is to make the elastic cummerbund sewn up into sections, sew material at the bottom to retain in-between the two pieces of elastic to store 9-bangers/mags etc. similar to Ferro Concept's carry elastic cummerbund!

  • 4
    About 4 years later...a review

    Posted by Sul on 20th Jun 2017

    I bought a PIG PC in summer of 2013 and I have been using it since then. It has since made thousands of trips into/out of the trunk of a patrol car, don/doffed hundreds of times at work (uniformed patrol) and gone through many changes as molle gear improved and my needs changed. Its a good carrier, has served well but seems to be nearing the end of it's service life since most of the velcro loop panels are beginning to/have failed. Thus the shoulder straps move when they aren't supposed to and the right side of the cummerbund barely holds on anymore. It's a great carrier though and has endured a lot more abuse than I thought it would have. I'd love to see a PIGv2.0 with wider shoulder straps, a better attachment system for the straps (shoulder and cummerbund) that is more akin to a tubes system. This would greatly increase the length of use by eliminating the velcro failure points. No other complaints, it's a solidly made system and I recommend it to others.