Primary Weapons System Ratchet Lock Castle Nut & End Plate Set

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Primary Weapons System Ratchet Lock Castle Nut & End Plate Set

The Ratchet Lock Castle Nut End Plate set works with mil-spec OR commercial buffer tubes and eliminates the need for staking. A quick upgrade to any rifle build, the Ratchet Lock Castle Nut End Plate features a QD mount and easy installation with any buffer tube.


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    This wont help but its funny

    Posted by G-Yo on 7th May 2021

    Got two of these for no reason, why would I own an AR15 in California? That's just crazy talk!! The current administration continues to vilify these military weapons and after all I need is shotgun according to El Comandante. If I were crazy enuf to own an AR these might be a great idea in case you live in Cali and at a moments notice they could enact some foolish law requiring an alteration to the weapon to remain complaint or become a felon. Only a guess but these would keep a person from having to stake a castle nut yet still securely keep it in place. If only I actually had the ability to mount these and tell you what I actually thought about them, maybe someday. (sigh) Cali is only great for the weather and bum watching and that's about it. Hopefully an electric car will set the state capital a blaze and this state can start over. That would be ironic. Tell then our best bet is a former Olympain who was man that became a woman and had a son-in-law that ran for president or have an asteroid side swipe this planet and end stupid. I really don't know which one I'd prefer at the moment.

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    best castle nut solution

    Posted by Dave on 17th Feb 2021

    This is by far the easiest solution to staking castle nuts, fit and finish are fantastic, love this product.

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    Cause staking sucks

    Posted by Sean on 22nd Apr 2019

    I own 6 of these ratcheting systems 4 with PWS buffer tube. These lock up solid and don’t come loose. No need to stake your nut. You can remove them as easily as you installed them. SKD is amount my favorite companies to purchase from. Great customer service and if you email them they will actually respond WTF🇺🇸

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    Well constructed and an improvement

    Posted by Milt on 19th Feb 2019

    I have 2 of these sets installed and marked the castle nut ratchet to detect any sides of movement under recoil. After 600 rounds, the castle nut ratchet assembly has not budged at all. More trigger time is necessary but I have no doubt in the quality and the value of the product.

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    PWS rules

    Posted by Preston O'Neal on 26th Jan 2019

    These are the standard for castle nut and end plate as far as I’m concerned.