S.O.Tech Go Bag Extended

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SOTech Go Bag Extended

The Go-Bag was designed for helicopter crews and Humvee personnel, so that in the event of a crisis, they could grab the bag on the way out of the vehicle. It fits perfectly in the spaces that exist in a helicopter or Humvee, which are too small for a ruck, but could be a great storage site for an E&E bag. The options for this bag are endless. The medics fit a roll up stretcher in it, the spec ops shooters use it for E&E kits, and when you're not shooting and moving, it's a great bail-out-bag for your car, home or gym.

The tubular design gives a civilian look and masks large devices. The Extended version is 3" longer and can be used as a concealed device bag. This extended version of the Go-Bag was designed as a covert carry option for the shooters who need a device close by, while still being low profile. This is the perfect system for 17.5" devices and the upper and lower components of a similar device. This is perfect for contractor work where the principal understands the need for such devices, but the situation dictates a low profile signature. The outside has two pouches where you can store an assortment of mission related items. The inside has a Cordura covered foam divider (divider sold separately, product SGBI) for a broken down device, or any other kit your mission dictates. The stitching between the two hidden side pockets can be removed to make one long pouch for items such as extra barrels for quick-change barrel systems.


  • A main compartment with double linked zippers (dimensions: 23" x 6" x 6")
  • Internal hydration reservoir slot (canteen not included)
  • 4 zippered flat side pockets for small items or documents
  • 2 larger zippered external pockets
  • MOLLE/PALS attachment webbing on both sides
  • Padded contour single shoulder strap with quick-ditch side locking buckle
  • Shoulder attachment points and carrying handles on each end
  • Made in the U.S. out of military grade cordura cloth down to the webbing and fasteners to specifications of U.S. Special Forces


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    Natural Fit in our Vehicle

    Posted by daniel mercado on 1st Mar 2021

    I was on my way of purchasing a third diaper bag backpack. When I realized that the abuse was not from using it as a backpack, but from packing it in and out of our vehicle and opening and closing the zippers. The S.O.Tech Go Bag Extended narrow rectangle shape has a natural fit in our vehicle, and more accessible while on the move. The heavy duty built/zippers gave us a peace of mind. The small pack fit all our baby needs with room to spare. And the best part ...my kid’s future Smith & Wesson M&P15-22 fits perfectly inside. Giving us a double lifetime of usage. Ordering and shipment was better than expected. Thank you.

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    Awesome go bag!

    Posted by Gary White on 25th Oct 2018

    This bag is pretty kick ass. ItÕs just a range bag but I keep enough mags in it and my 300 blk suppressed touched nicely in it. Everything is quickly accessible and ready if we have to go quickly.

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    Great range bag and small bug-out bag!

    Posted by Cameron on 26th Nov 2016

    Got this as a birthday gift earlier this month. Has been a great bag so far. Love the room and comfort when worn. For what I need it for, this meets all my needs.

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    Initially great

    Posted by Mike on 1st Feb 2016

    I'm just received the bag and I'm using it as a go bag for my squad car. My initial response is that it is a great bag. Heavy duty and appears that it'll hold up well. If something goes wrong I'll try to get back on here and info buyers.

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    If you like to treat em rough, get this bag

    Posted by Warpig 3 on 8th Oct 2015

    I was looking for a new go bag for my trunk. I wanted something that was compact, sturdy, and modular to an extent. This bag fit the bill perfectly. I was able to keep not only everything i had in my last go bag, but i had room for my old Goretex (it gets wicked cold here and the winter is on the horizon). I was also able to add a spare Admin pouch to one side, and a 2 pistol mag pouch to the sling. There are narrow side compartments that i put a handgun in, and i can access it very quickly. I took it out to the area i train and ran some drills getting it out of my trunk, accessing the pistol, and engaging, and the bag preformed very well. It was also comfortable to wear, and stayed in place when i ran up the course wearing it. My only beef is the hydration pouch is kind of small, but that can be remedied by adding a canteen or bottle pouch. This bag i really kick ass, and well worth the $$$. I plan to buy another to replace the go bag in the wifes car.

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    Really well made - and done so in the USA!

    Posted by Patrick on 3rd Apr 2015

    The quality of materials and workmanship is excellent with this bag. I think another inch or two in length would have more easily accommodated my AR, but it does fit in this "extended" Go Bag. You can find less expensive bags, but I'm pleased with the value this bag provides.

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    Rifle bag / Go bag (5 stars if insert included)

    Posted by Local on 1st Jan 2015

    First the neutral / bad. It should come with the inserts, its greedy to leave them out and charge more for them - equalized over the cost of all bags sold it shouldn't raise the price by that much, certainly not $20+ Now, onto the good. I am EXTREMELY happy with the performance of this bag. Breaking down my rifle and removing the vertical foregrip, my Colt LE6920 with Eotech XPS2, magpul light mount and light fits almost perfectly. The bag should be just a hair longer to accommodate the flash hider on the end of the upper. Probably wont be an issue when the bag finished breaking in / stretching a bit. Main pocket has rifle, socks, gloves, bdu pants, scarf, ear pro, shirt and 40rnd mag. Side pockets hold tools like screw drivers and punches. Big exterior pockets hold cleaning kit, water purification kit, sun glasses, phone charger, batteries, medication bottles and all pockets still close easily. Throw it over your shoulder and go. Black is unremarkable and invisible in your trunk.

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    best tool bag in the entire freakin universe

    Posted by gary anderson on 30th Jul 2014

    I purchased this for a tool bag for my job in the Telcom industry. It works amazing! Not only does it look amazing and is made out of high quality materials, it is totally diverse and able to be stored anywhere with minimal space.

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    S.O. Tech Go Bag Extended

    Posted by Joseph Turner on 20th Mar 2014

    Ordered this bag as a SWAT Go Bag. Needed something to grab for callouts that had a little extra of everything - Batts, Ammo, snacks, schmegh, cords, blind making material, ect. I wanted the regular SO Tech Go Bag but I couldn't get it in stock in my color. So I went with the extended. EXTREMELY HAPPY I DID. The regular would have been too small. I was also pleasantly surprised that SKD sent me the latest version which has the velcro lining all parts of the interior so you can attach dapper and other velcro backed pouches. This bag is unreal and I am extreamly happy. Many guys on my team want to know where they can get one. Thanks SKD as usual. You are the only guys I ever want to buy from. Happy customer here for that last 4 years.