S.O.Tech Viper Flat IFAK, A1 Pouch

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S.O.Tech VIPER Flat IFAK, A1

The evolution of our popular and widely adopted Viper Flat IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit) is here. Originally designed in 2011 as a solution to bulky and in the way IFAKs. A true ambidextrous IFAK that can be worn on your armor carrier, battle belt and duty belt. Make more room up front and affix the Viper IFAK to the rear of your armor carrier or battle belt.
The Viper Flat IFAK comes in two sizes. The full size (VFIFAK-A1) accommodates the SOF-IFAK SOCOM medical contents.

Moving the IFAK position from the warrior's front or side position to the soldier's back gives the soldier wearing this new IFAK three important advantages:

  1. Utilizes the dead space below the plate carrier on the soldier's back
  2. Removes ambiguity of the soldier's life-saving equipment. Is it located on the left or right side of his body?
  3. The soldier can now carry much more needed gear like extra mags, frags, and mission items where the soldier needs them the most, up front or on his sides.

Key Features:

  • Accommodates SOF-IFAK Medical Contents
  • Ambidextrous deployment
  • Flex-Tab attachment system (Patented)
  • Now compatible with duty / riggers belts carry
  • Flat design for ultra-thin profile and minimal weight
  • Folding and overlapping flaps provide maximum utility and versatility
  • Quick closure for movement with cinch strap
  • Cinch strap can allow for IFAK to be hung around neck for hands free use
  • Approximately same thickness as standard plate carrier for low profile
  • When worn on lower back provides lumbar support
  • Rides snug in case and will not dispense without deliberate side force by operator


  • Front 2 x 2 Velcro® field for cross patch
  • Overall Dimensions (empty): 8" x 6.5" x 1"
  • Material: 500D Cordura® Nylon
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in the USA, Berry compliant

Pouch Only. Contents not included.



  • 5

    Posted by Bob on 1st Jun 2020

    This is actually the second one of these I own. I have one on a pistol belt I wear when riding my ATV in the woods and gathering firewood. The second and most recent one I carry in the center of the back on my range/training belt. I like these kits because if I need it I can access it with either hand without removing my belt.

  • 5
    Best IFAK, by far

    Posted by Unknown on 8th May 2020

    I’ve tried many, many IFAKs and this is hands down the best. Holds all my kit without being a huge bulge in my back. I can easily reach with either hand. Extremely well crafted and shipped super fast.

  • 5
    Great service, great kit

    Posted by TM on 23rd Jul 2018

    This is a reorder of my go to pouch for holding a trauma kit on a belt. The kit sits low on the belt, doesn't interfere with a pack, and clears space in my front better used for ammo or unimpeded draw stroke. I have several of these now on several belts, and kit itself holds enough items including trauma dressing, 2x gauze, duct tape, NPA, dart, chest seals, gloves, TK4, and shears. It is easy to get to the kit by way of pull loops on both sides, even if on my back.

  • 5
    Great pouch

    Posted by AM on 30th Mar 2018

    Keeps my IFAK out of my way until I need it. Plenty of room for bandage, rolled gauze, dart, NPA, tape, chest seals, shears, and TK4. Doesn't prevent me from wearing a pack or plate carrier.

  • 5
    Plate Carrier for Patrol

    Posted by Chris on 5th Jan 2018

    I am a Police Officer and I have tried at least 100 different IFAK kits. The IFAK from S.O. tech will be the last IFAK I buy. It holds everything I need with ease and room to spare. I can easily rip it out in a hurry, but it is surprisingly secure until I need it. This is not a bulky kit and if you're like me you will be glad you got the IFAK out of the front of your working space finally!

  • 4
    Medical Pouch

    Posted by Kerri Conrad on 14th Dec 2017

    I bought this as a Christmas gift for my husband. It arrived about a week and a half later in good condition. I wasn't overly impressed with the fact that my credit card was billed immediately but the pouch shipped out a week later.

  • 5
    SO Tech Viper flat IFAK pouch

    Posted by D on 28th Sep 2017

    Great low profile! Doesn't snag like the other guys' bulkier pouch.

  • 5
    Great pouch

    Posted by Harry on 11th Mar 2017

    Very nice and high quality. Holds everything in an issue IFAK and very low profile.

  • 4
    Nice TQ

    Posted by Craig France on 14th Jan 2017

    Spacious IFAK that can be accessed by either hand. Mine is situated in the 6:00 on my war belt. Spendy but brilliant. Highly Recommended