Shaw Concepts ARC Placard V3

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Shaw Concepts ARC Placard V3


The ARC Placard V3 is our latest version of our ARC Placard series which is our take on bridging the gap between traditional MOLLE magazine pouches and placards. At the inception of the ARC Placard the industry was filled with double stack styled placards that couldn’t be slimmed down so we decided to design a single pocket placard that could be run slick or built up. Each edition we’ve sought to evolve the product and this version is no different.

The ARC Placard V3 is a single pocket placard meant to integrate into the front of Plate Carriers and Chest Rigs that allows users to build out their set ups according to their mission and weapon systems. The V3s key improvement is its expanding main pocket. Most placards on the market can only run three 5.56 magazines or two .308 magazines, but this expanding pocket allows the placard to take up to four 5.56 magazines or three .308 magazines. Having an additional 25 to 30 rounds in your prime real estate is a significant improvement that few placards on the market currently offers. The V3 is available with four Elastic Magazine Inserts: our Quadruple 556, our Triple 556, a Triple 308 and our Quintuple 9mm Insert.

The ARC Placard V3 features MOLLE along the sides and bottom which allow for additional pouches to be attached to real estate that would otherwise be empty on other placards out there. This allows users to attach Pistol Magazine Pouches, Tourniquet Pouches or the sort to the sides and bottom if desired. The placard continues to allow First Spear Tube™ Integration directly to the sides of the placard but now also allows 1" Hardware to be integrated so the placard can connect to Chest Rig Harnesses. The placard also features a hook Velcro® backing and adjustable height & hardware straps on top that will allow it to work with most carriers available on the market currently. 


-Expandable Main Pocket capable of holding up to four M4 - STANAG (5.56x45mm) Pattern Magazines or three AR10 (7.62x51mm) Pattern Magazines.

-Hook & Loop Velcro® Pocket for Multi-Caliber Inserts

-MOLLE/PALS Front (6 Rows x 3 Columns)

-MOLLE/PALS Sides for additional pouches

-MOLLE/PALS Bottom for additional pouches

-Side Webbing for First Spear Tubes™ and 1" Hardware

-Adjustable Placard Height w/Velcro® OneWrap Straps and swappable 1" hardware

-9.25" x 5" Hook Backing

-Includes two lengths of Shock Cord for Pocket Expansion

-Cordura Laminate Construction

Proudly made in the USA / Berry Compliant

*Magazines, Gear and other accessories not included*