Shaw Concepts FLEX V2 Pouch

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Shaw Concepts FLEX V2 Pouch

There are plenty of Rifle Magazine Pouches on the market already but none have met our liking so far so we designed our own. We took inspiration from our Elastic Placard V2 (EPV2) as well as our Double Elastic Pistol Pouch (DEP) to create this design but also collaborated with Latigo Customs as they have been offering their FLEX Pouch already. So rather than stepping on their toes we approached them to collaborate together to offer an updated version with both of our names behind it.


The main defining consideration of the FLEX V2 is retention of loaded rifle magazines. We achieved this but using two layers of MilSpec W5664 Elastic to provide tight and durable tight retention that lays flat when the pouch is unloaded (unlike Kydex and other rigid insert systems). We also added a rubber like HANK (High Abrasion Neoprene Kevlar) friction pad inside to ensure that only through intentional extraction will the magazine come out. Loops are built in to allow additional Shockcord retention to be installed for occasions such as Airborne or Amphibious Operations or just simple personal preference. On top of all that the pouch is constructed of Squadron B52 Laminate which consists of two 500D Cordura sheets laminated together which are then laser cut with perfect accuracy and consistency. This material helps keeps the weight down while keeping the pouch extremely durable.

The mounting straps are designed to attach to standard Molle/PALS as well as half sized Molle found on shooter belts across the market. 


-Doubled Up MilSpec Elastic Retention

-HANK Friction Retention

-Shockcord Loops Built In (Shockcord not included)

-Molle/PALS for Stacking a Pistol Pouch

-Molle/PALS & Belt Compatible

-B52 Laminate Construction

-Weight: 1.5 oz


Made in the USA / Berry Compliant