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Shaw Concepts FLEX V2 Pouch

The NERD Pouch (Necessary Equipment Readily Deployable Pouch) is our solution for carrying all the mission essential tools you need to do your job. Great for Radio Operators, Team Leaders, Point Men and anyone else with a specialized task that requires tools and docs. The NERD Pouch comes in two sizes Small and Large, the Small being 6" Wide (4 PALS Columns) and the Large being 9" Wide (6 PALS Columns). The exterior features a Loop ID Loop Field. The interior features a large Loop field on the front side and a flat pocket with two rows of varying loop size elastic organizer bands on the other. There is also a tie off point for retention or delicate or expensive items. 



-Loop Patch Field for exterior ID Patches

-Internal Loop Field for additional Organizer Inserts or EUD Mounting

-Two Rows of Varying Size Elastic Organizer Bands

-Full Width Flat Pocket for Documents and other Flat Tools

-Tie Off Point for Tool / Item Retention

-MOLLE / PALS Mounting


Weight: 4 Ounces (Small) - 6 Ounces (Large)

Dimensions (Nominal):

9"x6"x1" (LARGE)

6"x6"x1" (SMALL)

Made in the USA / Berry Compliant

*Magazines, Gear and other accessories not included*