SKD Aimpoint QRP2 Riser (PRO/COMP M4)

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SKD Aimpoint QRP2 Riser (PRO/COMP M4)

Introducing the NEW SKD AIMPOINT QRP2 RISER for the Aimpoint PRO and Comp M4!

The Aimpoint PRO and Comp M4 optics ship with a perfectly usable mounting system that often gets tossed in the random parts bin to upgrade to a taller aftermarket mount. With new mounts often costing in excess of $150, accessorizing your Aimpoint optic can strain your wallet. With the NEW SKD AIMPOINT QRP2 RISER, you can upgrade your existing factory QRP2 mount to a modern height option for merely $40! Or when purchasing an Aimpoint PRO from us, you can add an SKD AIMPOINT QRP2 RISER for only $20 more!

Four riser heights are offered for the most popular applications.

  • The 1.73" Riser will place the center of the optic at 1.73", which is the classic Bottom 1/3 Co-Witness position, allowing for fixed iron sights to be constantly visible for immediate use when needed, while keeping the iron sight picture at the bottom 1/3 of your Field of View so you have an uncluttered red dot view.
  • The 1.93" Riser will offer you a largely unimpeded FOV when using over your PEQ-15 and matches the height of the LaRue 1.93" Mounts. Even for those not using the IR aiming devices, the 1.93" Riser will allow for an upright head position for quickly finding your dot and reducing neck fatigue, while not being too high to shoot from the prone.
  • The 2.04" Riser will allow you to keep the exact same optic mounting height for shooters using a 2.04" Geissele mount for their Low Power Variable Optics, and also allows for in-line mounting of a CNVD that is secured to 1/2" Riser.
  • The 2.26" Riser provides an affordable entry-level solution to use your Aimpoint with the new Unity FAST Flip to Center Magnifier hotness, while staying within a budget. We view this Riser on a PRO or Comp M4 as the gateway mount to eventually using an Aimpoint Micro Optic coupled with the Unity FAST Mount.

The SKD Aimpoint QRP2 Riser is also Bidirectional. Many shooters dislike the left-side orientation of the large torque knob on the QRP2 and Comp M4 mounts because it can sometimes impede AR15/M4 bolt-catch manipulation and can get hung on gear for most right-handed shooters. With the SKD Aimpoint QRP2 Riser, you can now mount the QRP2 Riser base in the opposite direction by design, with the knob on the right-side of the receiver, keeping the left side of the receiver clear and open for bolt-catch manipulations. When the torque knob is mounted above or near the ejection port, it will not get in the way of your ejection pattern, but it will collect fouling easily so we recommend masking the knob with painters tape for extended training sessions.





  • 5
    Great kit.

    Posted by Ian Bardoorian on 13th Nov 2021

    Just what I was looking for to get my Aimpoint Comp m4s up so my dbal-i2 wasn't in my sight picture. Simple solution that I'm surprised more companies don't make parts for. Thanks SKD!

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    The riser the QRP2 should have come with

    Posted by DaveB on 10th Nov 2021

    I bought the lower 1/3 riser for my Aimpoint PRO and it feels much better when bringing the optic to my eye. With the larger tube of the PRO (and Comp M4), the lower 1/3 seems to be a sweet spot for my needs to help be in a more natural shooting position. It feels like a very solid piece but need to put more rounds through it to make sure it continues holding zero (I have no concerns about this though).

  • 5

    Posted by Sam on 21st Sep 2021

    Does what it says. Easily installs to give you a higher mount for aimpoint pro. Came with crews and vibratite

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    Aimpoint riser 2.06

    Posted by Ron Reagan on 6th Aug 2021

    Easy to switch out the lower Aimpoint OEM mount. Fit was perfect. Very easy eye acquisition with the raised red dot

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 12th Jul 2021

    Great little part that’s well made. Got the 1.93” and it’s perfect. I will eventually make the jump to micro land but until then this gets my pro up to an acceptable height. It’s 2021 not 2008 we don’t run cowitness anymore.

  • 5
    Great product

    Posted by Steve Ryu on 17th Jun 2021

    Works great, great quality, and perfect height

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    CompM4 spacer

    Posted by Justin on 10th Jun 2021

    I got the smallest spacer (1.73) and I’m using it with the Sig Romeo7 optic and the cross bolt mount that it comes with, which is a really good lower cost alternative to the CompM4s. Great optic and this spacer puts it at a height that could be called a lower 1/3 height, but is on the high side of that and works great.

  • 5

    Posted by Tyson on 1st Jun 2021

    Great riser from an awesome company. Quality, fitment, and finish are all top notch.

  • 5
    Riser for Aimpoint PRO

    Posted by Drew on 13th May 2021

    Wish I would have known this thing existed years ago. It does it’s job. Comes with everything you’ll need to install and if you are a smooth brain like you’ll find a video on YouTube that guides you through all 2 steps to install this thing