Spiritus Systems Configurable Med Tray Insert MK2

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Spiritus Systems Configurable Med Tray Insert

The Spiritus Systems Configurable Med Tray Mk2 is a modular insert board with a hook field backing and a removable rigid Tegris insert that allows you efficiently organize and secure small items in a pouch. The Med Tray Mk2 now incorporates configurable barbed elastic straps so the end user has additional options for modular item retention. 

The Configurable Med Tray is built with a laser cut face that features both dot grid and MOLLE mounting options. Layout of the tray is entirely up to you and can be assembled to hold nearly anything with the included barbed elastic straps, shock cord and cord locks.

The tray is sized to mount to the inside of many Spiritus Systems pouches, including the GP Medium, JSTA Pouch, Mutant Pouch, GP Tall, GP Wide, and SACK pouches. Once configured, the hook backing in the tray will keep your kit locked down to the inside wall of the pouch, mitigating unwanted noise from items that jostle during movement, and reducing the time it takes to find what you need under stress.

The Tegris backer sleeve can also be used to store flat items like bandages, notes, and other thin equipment. The Configurable Med Tray Insert measures 7" wide x 4.5" tall  and comes with 4 cord locks and 4’ of shock cord that can be cut to length.

Some images shown with optional accessories, sold separately.