Spiritus Systems Medical Sleigh

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Spiritus Systems Medical Sleigh

The Medical Sleigh is a customizable IFAK organizer designed to give operators and medics more flexibility when designing and kitting out IFAKs. The system is comprised of two laser cut grid boards (similar to our Med Tray Insert in form) that are mounted onto an elastic panel that can be rolled up and secured into a compact package. The Medical Sleigh is designed to hold the contents of a Medical Kit, but can accommodate a wide range of IFAK components in many different loadout configurations. 

The grid panels come with a length of shock cord and cord locks as well as barbed elastic strips that allow the end user to create different sized loops in both the horizontal and vertical orientation, giving the system an almost unlimited number of potential setup options. The Medical Sleigh's pull handle can also be oriented in the vertical or horizontal configuration so that the system will work and be quickly accessible in a variety of pouch types and sizes. 

The Medical Sleigh's dimensions make it an ideal companion to the Medium GP, however because the system is elastic, it does have a degree of stretch that lets it expand and contract to other size pouches (while keeping its contents secure). 

Spiritus recommends purchasing a Lumimod Washer to run along the pull handle for easy location and access in low light environments (sold separately).