Thyrm SwitchBack Backup Flashlight Ring (SB002U)

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Thyrm SwitchBack S Backup Flashlight Ring (SB002U)

The SwitchBack® S Backup Flashlight Ring turns your Surefire® compact flashlight into a flexible tactical tool.

We’ve improved on our original design to fit the latest EDC models while remaining compatible with most Surefire E-Series legacy Backup flashlights.

The SwitchBack S Backup Flashlight Ring enhances your compact flashlight, optimizing ergonomics for searching and shooting.

  • Securely mounts between the tailcap and body of the flashlight.
  • Rigid retention ring helps reliably deploy and index flashlight from both pockets and pouches.
  • Shoot using a natural two-handed grip (the SwitchBack Technique).
  • Employ all traditional low-light techniques such as Neck Index, Modified FBI, and Harries.
  • Positively retain the light when drawing a firearm, reloading, and malfunction clearance.

Designed in collaboration with Chris Costa, Costa Ludus.