BALS Mk-1, Gen 2 (Patented)

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BALS Mk-1, Gen 2

by Joe
BALS MK-1 Sniper Bean Bag - I still smile every time I use this thing- so simple, so effective. The idea first came from a long range class back several years ago where the instructor was talking about a personal experience where leaving a piece of kit behind on a real-world mission in Iraq almost compromised his team. Every other bean bag on the market is a separate piece of kit that needs to be retrieved when needed, and policed when finished... mount it on the stock and voila! Keep your eyes peeled for new products from B.A.L.S. in the near future! View More SKD Staff Picks

Featured in the July 2009 issue of American Rifleman

  • 18 lb Cast Iron Rifle Rest with micro-adjustable feet? Check.
  • 2.5 lb Corn-filled Sock for a Rear Stock Bag? Check.
  • Humping either of these items with you into the field on a real world mission?

In the precision rifle world, there are a lot of Rifle Rests that are full of promises, but at the end of the day, you have to ask yourself which ones will be with you to help you make the critical shot in the field. Now you can always count on one benchrest item being with you all the time- the Sniper Bean Bag from BALS.

The MK-1 from Ballistic Adjustment Leveling Systems, LLC. (BALS) is the answer to precision marksmen who want the functionality of a Rifle Rest, without the inconvenience and hassle of having to carry one and store it everywhere they go. The Patent Pending design allows for simple installation onto a wide variety of stocks, including most factory Bolt Gun stocks, and stocks from Manners, Bell & Carlson, HS Precision and McMillan. The MK-1 will also fit on standard M16 A1 and A2 stocks, as well as the Accuracy International AICS and Magpul PRS.

The Rifle Bean Bag on the MK-1 is cleverly mounted up with a stock harness that stores it conveniently up against the rearmost part of the stock, and can be silently released for immediate usage. When deployed, the rifle bean bag can lay horizontally or vertically via a slider, to maximize the range of adjustment. The Bean Bag can be removed or replaced. A larger bean bag will be available late Spring of 2013. Whether in storage or operational mode, the rifle bean bag does not interfere with the shooter's cheek weld, and it does not interfere with off-hand shooting.

You can buy a good rifle bean bag, but whether you are on a dog hunt or using your rifle professionally, it can't help you if you forget to bring it or can't set it up in time. We like to say that a Rifle Rest on the gun is worth ten on the bench.

The MK-1 Sniper Bean Bag is proudly made in the USA with the finest materials and manufacturing available. The bean bags are filled with lightweight waterproof poly-fill, and constructed of 1000 Denier Cordura.

The MK-1 Sniper Bean Bag will provide years of valuable service and finally give your rifle the one thing it really needs... BALS.


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    One Fatal Flaw

    Posted by Cody on 6th Nov 2021

    I wish I could give this thing 5 stars. It's a simple yet practical design, and from what I've seen so far the craftsmanship on it is great. The ONLY thing that is a huge bummer is the size of the bag. Considering that they made larger bags available for sale separately shows that either a) they had enough feedback that the standard one was too small and started making larger ones. or b) somebody at the company pointed out the standard one was too small and decided to make larger ones. As another reviewer mentioned, it would be a great option to be able to select your size while purchasing, in order to avoid having to buy additional bags or deal with returns etc. Sadly, that is not the case. I find myself trying to decide if it's worth it to drop another $30 on a larger bag.

  • 5

    Posted by Jon C on 31st Aug 2016

    Great product and service

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    Quality is very good

    Posted by Richard M on 20th Apr 2016

    But the bag it's shipped with is too small. It would be nice if you allowed the user to pick the size bag from the available choices.

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    great product

    Posted by Bryan Hadley on 8th Oct 2015

    this thing is awesome, easy to work and works awesome. especially when you are out running in the field and need a rear bag quick.

  • 5

    Posted by William Anderson on 14th Sep 2015


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    Great Gear

    Posted by Pete Clagett on 1st Aug 2014

    The BALS Mk-1 is easy to use for it's with your stock as long as you want. Easier than other bean bags. A+ in my opinion.

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    Great addition to any rifle

    Posted by Jarrod on 30th Jul 2014

    This product is a great addition to anything with bipods. It is stable and can be removed easily and put on another firearm. The only improvement I can think of is a cheek rest built into the top

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    Needs more filling

    Posted by Unknown on 21st Mar 2014

    Good product, bag needs just a little more material to fill it up more.

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    BALS Mk-1, Gen 2

    Posted by R.G. in Georgia on 20th Mar 2014

    I saw a sniper buddy with one of these and thought it was a great idea. No chance to leave it behind and it was compact yet big enough for proper adjustments. I ordered one to try it for one of my platforms and received it very quickly. Put it on and love it. Going to order a couple more. Love this item and couldn't have had a better experience with the folks at SKD. You all rock! R.G. in Georgia