BALS Mk-1, Gen 2 (Patented)

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BALS Mk-1, Gen 2

by Joe
BALS MK-1 Sniper Bean Bag - I still smile every time I use this thing- so simple, so effective. The idea first came from a long range class back several years ago where the instructor was talking about a personal experience where leaving a piece of kit behind on a real-world mission in Iraq almost compromised his team. Every other bean bag on the market is a separate piece of kit that needs to be retrieved when needed, and policed when finished... mount it on the stock and voila! Keep your eyes peeled for new products from B.A.L.S. in the near future! View More SKD Staff Picks

Featured in the July 2009 issue of American Rifleman

  • 18 lb Cast Iron Rifle Rest with micro-adjustable feet? Check.
  • 2.5 lb Corn-filled Sock for a Rear Stock Bag? Check.
  • Humping either of these items with you into the field on a real world mission?

In the precision rifle world, there are a lot of Rifle Rests that are full of promises, but at the end of the day, you have to ask yourself which ones will be with you to help you make the critical shot in the field. Now you can always count on one benchrest item being with you all the time- the Sniper Bean Bag from BALS.

The MK-1 from Ballistic Adjustment Leveling Systems, LLC. (BALS) is the answer to precision marksmen who want the functionality of a Rifle Rest, without the inconvenience and hassle of having to carry one and store it everywhere they go. The Patent Pending design allows for simple installation onto a wide variety of stocks, including most factory Bolt Gun stocks, and stocks from Manners, Bell & Carlson, HS Precision and McMillan. The MK-1 will also fit on standard M16 A1 and A2 stocks, as well as the Accuracy International AICS and Magpul PRS.

The Rifle Bean Bag on the MK-1 is cleverly mounted up with a stock harness that stores it conveniently up against the rearmost part of the stock, and can be silently released for immediate usage. When deployed, the rifle bean bag can lay horizontally or vertically via a slider, to maximize the range of adjustment. The Bean Bag can be removed or replaced. A larger bean bag will be available late Spring of 2013. Whether in storage or operational mode, the rifle bean bag does not interfere with the shooter's cheek weld, and it does not interfere with off-hand shooting.

You can buy a good rifle bean bag, but whether you are on a dog hunt or using your rifle professionally, it can't help you if you forget to bring it or can't set it up in time. We like to say that a Rifle Rest on the gun is worth ten on the bench.

The MK-1 Sniper Bean Bag is proudly made in the USA with the finest materials and manufacturing available. The bean bags are filled with lightweight waterproof poly-fill, and constructed of 1000 Denier Cordura.

The MK-1 Sniper Bean Bag will provide years of valuable service and finally give your rifle the one thing it really needs... BALS.


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    2nd one

    Posted by Mike Robinson on 18th Jun 2013

    After being impressed with the functionality of my MK-2, I purchased a MK-1 for a second rifle that did not need the cheek riser and find the MK-1 to be just the ticket as a light, always-with-you, versatile rear bag. That, and the camo looks tacticool with my painted stock.

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    Nice Package

    Posted by Stephen Hogan on 18th Jun 2013

    My old squeeze bag was homemade and bulky, but easy to use. During range drills it felt awkward to carry the rifle and the old squeeze bag while getting to different range locations in an expeditious manner. The BALS MK1 Sniper Bean Bag takes the bulkiness and awkwardness out of the equation, while still offering ease of use. The BALS MK1 Sniper Bean Bag allows me to be able to concentrate more on what is really important, getting on target and taking a well aimed and timely shot.

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    Sage EBR Telescoping Stock......

    Posted by Scott W. on 18th Jun 2013

    I could not be happier with my B.A.L.S.. I was not sure it would be a good match with the EBR's telescoping stock but I really liked the concept and figured worse case scenerio I would break out the sewing kit and customize it. Well, it works perfect with the Sage's butt-pad right out of the box. If you double back the two horizontal straps tucking them underneath the single vertical strap, it makes for a perfect it. The unit itself is well made and has just enough adjustment in both the vertical and horizontal position. Great product, thanks!

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    Love Em!!!!

    Posted by David Weigandt on 18th Jun 2013

    I have had the MK 2 on my Remington 700 for over two years and just bought the MK 1 for my M1A EBR. They are well made and very effective. I can't say enough about them.

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    2 thumbs

    Posted by Kirk on 18th Jun 2013

    Product shipped fast and is perfect condition and does its job to perfection. Great for micrometer precise adjustments needed to mske shots as close as possible to bench or prone accuracy with little or no shooter error. The best part is it weights so light you can drag it through the woods. Ounces = pounds and pounds = pain. This keeps it to a minimum.

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    BALS MK-1 - MultiCam - Right-Hand

    Posted by Tim Miller on 18th Jun 2013

    Very sound design that was well executed. Fielding this on an SPR type rifle. Pleased with this purchase and will recommend this to others. Made in the USA...a "plus" for some...a MUST for me.

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    Squeeze bag

    Posted by Endure on 18th Jun 2013

    Nice product, not very heavy and made of good materials. Deploys easily and rests out of the way when not in use. Great for prone, or bench rest shooting. Fits any stock with adjustable strap.

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    Posted by Doug B. on 18th Jun 2013

    Having the sand bag attached to my rifle insures that it won't accidentally be left behind. The design allows for easy elevation adjustments using it in either the low or high position. I would only ask that you make the strap longer to fit on taller butt stocks.

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    BALS works as advertised- simple and effective

    Posted by David Au on 18th Jun 2013

    This little bag works perfectly. It's simple, effective, and doesn't add too much clutter or 'tactifool' junk to your rifle. IMO I like it better than the monopods in the rear- it's quicker to adjust be squeezing your support hand.