PIG Brigandine Plate Front Panel

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PIG Brigandine Plate Carrier Front Panel

**Please note that you must select front and back panel options for the complete PC.

by Joe

If you're seeing a lot of close-fit carriers with minimalist design these days, say hello to ground-zero: The PIG BRIG. Due to its light weight and compact size, the BRIG has become my go to carrier that doesn't limit me due to its scalability. Fully optioned it still weighs less than a lot of other "full-featured" plate carriers without giving up modular real estate. As long as you have one of the plates we offer the BRIG for, you can enjoy the custom fit and benefit from the minimal design.
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NOTE ON SYSTEMA: All PIG items with "[SYSTEMA]" in the product title are related to the PIG Brig Plate Carrier and PIG Brig Chest Rig product family. Please refer to the product descriptions for how each respective SYSTEMA product relates to the product family.

"Brigandine" is the word for medieval armor consisting of armor plates attached to a cloth shirt. The PIG Brigandine is today's version of just that- a low profile way to carry just your plates directly over your shirt or soft body armor.

Pig Brig Plate Carrier Features:

  • Unlike some of other low profile plate carriers, the PIG BRIG is designed with the straps attaching at a lower point than the top of the plate (like the PIG PC), allowing for a higher plate placement than it's competitors.
  • The integral elastic straps allow for maximum comfort and expansion during heavy activity, and allows for the use of PIG Elastic Cummerbund Sleeves for additional MOLLE Load Carriage or Side Plate options.
  • The front and back plate assemblies on the PIG BRIG are ordered separately, allowing you to mix and match different size front and back plates.

***Note: The Brig is designed for specific plates to achieve a shoehorn fit. We receive daily inquiries about Brig compatibility with numerous different plate brands and models. We ask that you contact the manufacturer of the plate you own to find out if their plate is the exact size and shape of one of the plates the Brig was designed for. In short, we do not know if your plate will fit the Brig, we only know that the BRIG will fit the plate it was designed for. Currently the BRIG is available for SKD Armor 10" x 12" Stand Alone Plate , ESAPI (4 sizes), the 10" x 12" Tap Gamma and the Velocity Systems 10" x 12" Plate . Other plate shapes will be offered in the future.

The Rear is available here. Browse the [SYSTEMA] category to see the various components you can add to this product family!

As with all PIG tactical nylon products, the Brig is Made in the USA.

For plate carrier fitting advice, please see the SKD post: How to Choose the Right Size Plate Carrier


  • 4
    Simple, durable, comfortable - and obnoxiously á la carte

    Posted by Chris on 6th Jan 2024

    My LAPG plates were a tight fit and a struggle to get in, but the carrier functions well and fits nicely. I like that the front and back are removeable because I can use the front by itself with my Mayflower chest rig, BUT I hate that everything is sold separately - and largely out of stock.

  • 5
    Pig brig

    Posted by Daniel Gonzalez on 11th Jul 2023

    Definitely the most comfortable plate carrier I’ve ever owned. Even works well for me when I use it at the gym!

  • 4

    Posted by Gus Delacruz on 5th Jun 2023

    It’s pretty good and also very nice one thing it’s that every thing u need/ want is Always out of stock ?

  • 5
    Pig Brig

    Posted by nick sinclair on 3rd Dec 2022

    First of all it looks even better in person the pictures do not do it justice. Second, it comes very fast and secure. I would say that the only down side is that they are always sold out and good luck to anyone trying to buy it when its on a sale. I waited 2 months for the black friday sale and saw it go out of stock while i was paying for it ☠

  • 4
    Quick and Comfy

    Posted by G on 8th Aug 2022

    Easy option for a minimal setup, fits nicely under a overshirt.

  • 5

    Posted by Woody on 18th Jul 2022

    Great! I'm 5'9 145 pounds and the ESAPI medium is a perfect fit and gives me enough protection while also allowing me to properly shoulder my rifle.

  • 5
    Pig brig

    Posted by Fiji on 5th Apr 2022

    Indeed very comfortable, not too small not too big. Products should be made to clean the plate carrier tho

  • 4
    these are awesome

    Posted by peter licciardi on 3rd May 2021

    so heres whats great about these. -comfy -lightweight -looks great -works great. the reason i left this as a 4 star review is because they out of stock all the time, and can take some time to re-stock. as a side note, customer service was fantastic, which is what motivated me to write this review. definitely recommend.

  • 5
    Low-profile and great for Hesco L210 plates

    Posted by IC on 26th Feb 2021

    Bought the ESAPI Medium size to use with the Hesco L210 plates. Works great and this is the perfect low-profile carrier to wear on its own or under a rig. A tremendous bargain for the price, and great customer service too.